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How Business Account Works


Transaction Limits

XUNO Business provides flexible transaction limits, accommodating diverse financial needs for efficient cross-border transfers without restrictive caps.

Better-Exchange Rate

Better Exchange Rate

XUNO Business offers competitive rates through global partnerships, ensuring businesses and freelancers maximizes the value of their remittances.


Delivery Speed

With streamlined processes, XUNO Business ensures swift fund transfers, enabling businesses and freelancers to meet tight financial deadlines.

Number-of Transactions

Number of Transactions

XUNO Business supports high-volume transactions, allowing users to conduct multiple transfers efficiently, addressing the dynamic nature of their financial activities.

Dedicated-Sales Support Team

Dedicated Sales Support Team

A dedicated sales support team offers personalised assistance, ensuring businesses and freelancers receive expert guidance and prompt resolution of queries or concerns.


And Others

XUNO Business includes robust security measures, customisable reporting tools, and seamless integration options with accounting software for a comprehensive and user-friendly remittance experience.